Life at Samsung Research America

Our strength is our people

Our Mission

At Samsung, we follow a simple business philosophy: to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. Every day, our people bring this philosophy to life. Our leaders search for the brightest talent from around the world and give them the resources they need to be the best at what they do. We have the power to enrich lives. And that's what making a better global society is all about.

Our History

For more than 70 years, Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation. Our discoveries, inventions and breakthrough products have helped shape the history of the digital revolution. We continue to expand our global reach and open new possibilities for people everywhere by introducing innovative technology.


First Black & White TV


First Personal Computer


First Camera Phone


Launch of Samsung Galaxy Series



Founded in October 1988, Samsung Research America (SRA) builds upon Samsung’s 40-year history in the Bay Area.  Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices across the United States and Canada, SRA is engaged in researching emerging technology to create new businesses and developing core technology to enhance the competitiveness of Samsung products.  We also play a key role in providing the infrastructure to support Samsung’s open innovation and university collaboration activities.

Who We Are


Not to be constrained by traditions, existing structures and procedures


Initiate new thinking, challenge the status quo and start new projects and new initiatives


Good experiments are key to great research. Willing to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible

What We Believe

We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business.
That’s why these core values, along with a rigorous code of conduct, are at the heart of every decision we make.



Quite simply, a company is its people. At Samsung, we are dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential.



Everything we do at Samsung is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence - and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best products and services on the market.



In today's fast-paced global economy, change is constant and innovation is critical to a company's survival. For 70 years, we set our sights on the future, anticipating market needs and demands so we can steer our company toward long-term success.



Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency.



A business cannot be successful unless it creates prosperity and opportunity for others. Samsung is dedicated to being a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in every community where we operate around the globe.

Wonil Roh

President, Samsung Research America

"SRA is a leading advanced research center in Samsung, the world’s best employer by Forbes in 2021 and 2020. In our culture, we speak up, are bold and eager to learn from mistakes, and support each other in every aspect of doing the right thing. My commitment is to lead with full transparency, intentionality and listening, and bring in technical innovations to create meaningful customer experiences."

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