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We focus on simple solutions and how consumers understand them.

Established in 2011, the UXCA Mobile Lab strives to change the world through beautiful and engaging mobile experiences centered on the user. Innovations in user interface, industrial design, hardware and services allow the team to imagine and create next-generation smartphones, tablets and future devices that strengthen the Samsung ecosystem of products, software and services. We believe that the concept of user experience goes beyond the edges of all products, and is comprised of the entire customer journey. The UXCA Mobile Lab's short-term focus centers on experiences that enhance Samsung's current mobile devices. In the long term, the team is exploring radically new, game-changing concepts that include new interaction models, haptic behaviors, sensors, industrial design and the relevant services packaged in groundbreaking forms and product concepts. We work closely with product teams to define the roadmap for refining the entire Samsung ecosystem of products and services from a mobile perspective. We strive to achieve the perfect harmony of form and function in our work, where design and technology disappear in the presence of ease of use.


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3000 Orchard Pkwy
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100 California Street Suite 500
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Our teams are located in San Francisco and San Jose, CA. Both offices work seamlessly together and provide for flexible work locations.

Together, the team tackles a wide range of design problems from small GUI enhancements to building complete technical solutions that go beyond concept in hardware, software and service development. Our team consists of interaction, visual and industrial designers that work side-by-side with talented engineers to leverage each other’s knowledge and experience to create imaginative and highly useful products. With diverse backgrounds in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Art, Industrial Design, Marketing, Architecture, Engineering, Business and Product Planning, the team dynamic has proven to be highly engaging and rewarding. Everyone has the same goal – to change the world though incredible mobile products.

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Lab Head

Dennis Miloseski

In his role as head of the UXCA Mobile Lab, Dennis Miloseski leads future development of mobile user experience at Samsung.  Dennis is also head of the design studio for Samsung Design America and is responsible for leading the overall design and strategy for existing and emerging product categories at Samsung.  Dennis Miloseski joined Samsung in 2012.  

Prior to Samsung, Dennis was a design thought leader at Google. He joined Google in 2007 and managed the design teams responsible for launching end-to-end experiences for products such as Gmail and Google Apps. During his time at Google, Dennis was also head of user experience for confidential platform efforts and was awarded an OC Award by top executives and the exclusive Founder’s Award by Larry and Sergey for his outstanding contributions to innovation at Google.


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Gear Fit: How Samsung's fitness tracker got its curve

For Samsung designers in San Francisco, the Gear Fit represents fashion-forward thinking and an effort to make the Korean electronics maker a trendsetter. CNET gets an inside look from design chief Dennis Miloseski on how the wearable came to life. Read More

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