Sr. Computational Research Scientist

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Position Summary:

SRA’s Advanced Materials Lab (AML) in Burlington, MA is seeking an outstanding Ph.D. computational scientist with experience in materials research and machine learning. The ideal candidates will have expertise in performing computational research for advanced materials in energy and electronic applications; in analyzing and interpreting the computational materials data and results; and in designing and implementing advanced computational algorithms using various computer languages.

The Advanced Materials Lab in Burlington, MA is part of Samsung Research America headquartered in Mountain View, CA. AML is engaged in materials design and discovery for a broad range of next generation technologies such as batteries, quantum dots, and organic LED materials. The work is conducted internally, with academic collaborators, and with industrial partners. As a part of Samsung’s advanced research effort, AML works closely with counterparts in Korea. We are looking for strong candidates with demonstrated excellence their fields.

Necessary Skills:

Ph.D. in a relevant field (Computer Science, Computational Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering).

A strong background in computational materials research with expertise in database, data mining and machine learning.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Analyze current status of research in advanced materials to identify influential factors

Design models and perform computations, advance the state of the art in field of expertise.

Contribute to the Samsung mission for next generation materials.

Collaborate closely with colleagues at AML, with university partners and with Korea.

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  • Sr. Computational Research Scientist

    Burlington, Massachusetts


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